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Eye Tracking System Angle Meter NT

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Overview (short form)
The Angle-Meter NT is the second generation of Primelec's search coil systems for the linear detection of 3D eye and head  movements, which was  introduced in 1999. The system was developed in cooperation with the Vestibulo-Oculomotor Laboratory of the University Zurich. The system's very high accuracy and bandwidth ensures effortless recording of horizontal, vertical and torsional eye and head movements of unrestrained laboratory animals.

The system is based on Primelec's enhanced amplitude detection (FFT). A digital signal processor is used to detect the angular orientation of the search coils and to control the unit. The completely digital controlled Angle-Meter NT provides a wide variety of settings, nevertheless the handling is very easy and user friendly.

Discontinued Product Information
The Angle-Meter NT has been taken out of production by Primelec (end of sales in September 2006). Of course we still provide technical support for the system. For new projects please use our latest search coil system CS681.

Features (click here for a detailed description)
  • Easy to use, straightforward system configuration
  • User friendly menu controlled operation
  • 4 + 4 recording channels (modular construction)
  • Recording range 360 in the horizontal plane, 80 in the vertical plane
  • Output data rate up to 4000 Hz
  • Resolution < 0.05
  • Noise < 0.09 peak-peak
  • Digital synthesized field signals
  • Digital processing of the search coil signals
  • Digital and analog output data ( RS-232 interface and analog outputs)
  • Automatic tuning of gain- and offset settings
  • User selectable output format of the readings (linear angular orientation or detected X-, Y- and Z-signals)
  • User adjustable gain and offset correction for the X-, Y- and Z-signals per channel
  • User selectable low-pass filtering
  • User selectable voltage swing of the analog outputs
  • User selectable attenuation of the generated magnetic field
  • Nonvolatile memory to save / recall 2 user specific system configurations
  • Application software included
  • Various coil frames applicable
  • Various search coils applicable
  • Comprehensive customer support by Primelec
  • Two years full warranty

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